Woot-opoly: Best Game Ever, I Promise!

I got 3 more of these in the last wootoff. It’s YOUR turn now.

Now that’s what I call carp!

In for 1 just because.

Sign of what’s to come?..I smell BOC!

No flying monkey, just a crap game that won’t sell out?

In for 3! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

More like the end is near…

Why would they? They already had several of them today.

People are here shelling out $200+ on TV’s and tablets but complain when theres a $1.99 Wootopoly game. Wootopoly. The people who have sold you all this stuff. Just buy it out and see what comes next.

and the fat lady sings… it’s over… it’s over…

“Woot Off is nearly over, I gotta check and see. Maybe, just maybe they have monkeys this time. Maybe they brought back the lights. Maybe they even have a BOC”

checks woot


This thing? AGAIN???


No fair! You got to be the Bag of Crap last time!!!

I want crap. :frowning:


I guess then, it is time:

Awwww, we only had 3 more minutes.

In for one. Because there’s always some dumb work gag-gift event each year.

Okay, if it’s over,…



We are winding down. So long, strange shirt-filled Woot-off.