Woot-opoly: Fun for the Whole Family!

**Item: **Woot-opoly: Fun for the Whole Family!
Price: $5.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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I remember when i paid $20 for this in a time long ago when woot was pure. :,(

Marked down a lot now.

so does that now make this a box of crap?

i received this for father’s day, 14.99 from amazon, free shipping…ashamed that i haven’t opened it yet

You can open it now.


with the decline of woot, i have been seriously thinking of selling my monkey collection. I have most of them in multiples of course.

Is there anything unique or different about this? Is it just another game to go on the pile of monopoly clones that no one ever plays?

well, it is woot monopoly which means it is worse than regular monopoly.

I know how you feel I got the old metal .bucket 17 monkeys boc t-shirts and all kinds of stuff and it 's loosing value to me…it’s a shame it use to be so much fun…real fun!!too

Nevada is downright against this game!

Wow . . . talk about free fall on price. I’ve got mine (paid $24.99 first day of issue) still in the wrapper. Guess I can open it now.


Wow. sad these are not selling at $5.99.

Not as fun as:


Well, I didn’t win, but at least it was fun.

?reve ffo-toow etsrow

They sold 1!!!


They’re selling. (check the stats) If you haven’t noticed, the progress bar doesn’t REALLY indicate how many are left any more. This is why some items jump from 90% to zero in an instant. It’s just a marketing tool to entice impulse buyers.


Frustrated Wooters pushing and shoving for BOC and grouching when they don’t get it = Nostalgic Lulz

Nostalgic Lulz + “Let’s Get Dangerous” + Wootlibs(in Links) + VideoChallenge = Best Woot-off Evar