Woot-opoly: Fun for the Whole Family!

If I didn’t already own this, I’d be tempted to buy it just for the bag of crap token:(

it’s actually enticing me to see all the scams taking place,marketing at it’s best =greed then fail

At least we don’t have to blame the servers and the buy bots… oh wait.

Only one thing would make this the best wootoff ever…

God such a hard decision, I’m 100% positive if I do get it I will never use it, but then again I’m also 100% sure if I don’t get it there will be a day when I will have the perfect opportunity to play it and I will regret not having it

Nope. For reals. Also note how “sold out” stuff shows up for sale on plus sales or moofi the next day. Weird, yo.

love it so fitting and the reality of it …cool



Especially if you want to off the youngun’s…

There are only 9% left according to Wootalyzer the woot.com is not accurate.


And stats are never made up.

also evry thing they sell is at least 80% refurb or factory recondition ,they actually have both look at the projectors or cameras

I think they are just messing with us on the main woot. It has looked like the purchase bars on the blank.woots are moving pretty normally.

OHHHHHHHHH!!! What about Sansas too!!!???