Woot-opoly: Fun for the Whole Family!

This will be as close as I get to getting a BOC lol.

6 total for today, not counting the 1 they gave away through facebook and the ones they snuck in on the IbuyPower computer woot plus sale

It seems as if there was more than one available, in this one.

man…I should stop drinking wine while wooting…I’ve missed every baggie so far. I’m not even drunk…just…in that happy-lazy place red wine takes me. Press a button? Suuuuure…

You weren’t kidding! It’s still at 100%.


If that was number 6 then its game over everyone. Time for bed. Nothing left

Is is time to call it?:

What exactly is the trick to getting these bags guys? I type in the URL right as the new page goes up but I still get to it sold out. :frowning:

Being slightly faster than the fastest person. It means being able to type fastest and having the fastest internet connection.

ever heard of ludicrous speed? yeah you have to type faster than that

That is insane, I don’t think I’ll be able to grab one that fast. Well it was fun sitting at my computer all day watching the deals. haha

also making sure you are logged in near time for the new item/link. some people, myself included use multiple devices or browser windows (one for reloading page, and the other for typing the bit.ly in )

There’s always an element of chance in getting one too. The server farm serves up pages non-simultaneously. So you won’t know it but sometimes you luck out and see the page a few moments before most others and that is the prime opportunity to score. Just keep on trying. Eventually if you are lucky and fast you will get one.

I take it the bit.ly link thing is a newer idea, because when I was reading about the bags people were mentioning using wootalyzer which would not only alert you of the bag but also was able to open the “I want one” page.

yes, this way makes it easier for anyone to get one.

A script isn’t able to read the text in the picture so this easily reduces the chance of those offenders and makes it fair for everyone

I’m guessing this is the last item.

No B.O.C. for me. Again :frowning:

That’s what I thought, thank you everybody for your help. And good luck to all.

Had the Wootopoly in cart… all excited, then saw the BOC URL… Typed it in… I see their alll sold out… Yelled “CRAP” really loud… B.F. Yells “Does that mean you got one?”… I wish… :frowning: My luck is nil using an Ipad mini… Drafts! Worst of all… lost the Wootopoly in the end… Grr. UPDATE: I just went back and some how they are offing them again… Mistake? I just got a Wootopoly… Woot Hoo! Finally!