Woot-opoly: Money Rain Down!

At $1.99 how could you not want three?

Because I already own one.

I paid $25 for this thing the first time around and still haven’t played it. Sigh.

I was hoping for one of these in the BoCs for the birthday celebration. Glad I could buy one now.

So has anyone played this?

Right! I think I’ll play one, save one, and gift one.

Because I already have several. lol

Did you get three?

I went to bed… I would have loved one of these. Sad panda.

Wow I’m upset i missed this!

Yes, and I love it. We have Monopoly Jr and the Doctor Who collector’s edition, but the Wootopoly gets played the most. Not sure if it’s because of places like the Cellar of Stabbing, but this version just seems more fun.

Lmao! The cellar of stabbing? I definitely want one. That sounds to funny.

Yes I did. $5.00 shipping, might as well make the most of it.

Exactly what I was thinking.

They still have ONE left at Amazon:


Edit: And now there are three…