Woot order not received

I ordered the woot item of 8/22. This was my first order and I havent received it.

So have you received it yet?


Bluey is hammered, heh.

Woot off item ordered 2/1 arrived yesterday 2/17.
I don’t see this as unusual…I don’t order form woot to get things fast…
As long as I had a tracking number, I could see it coming…

If you want fast, go to Newegg or other…

People are picky, heh.
I think some of the younger ones see themselves as “entitled” as well…

Wahhh!! I want it NOW!!!

So do you think he ever got it? It’s been over a year and a half? Should I keep worrying?

I don’t think he got it… he has a clear square

Oh NO!