Woot Podcast Presidents Song

Hi, I would appreciate it if someone could help me locate a woot podcast from several years ago. The song on the podcast was a catchy listing of US presidents.

I am fairly certain it was aired on presidents day. The chorus was:

“I can name the presidents, the presidents in order”

the opening lines of the song were:

“Washington whose VP was John Adams,
John Adams whose VP was Jefferson,
Jefferson, Madison, James Monroe, John Adams.
Not the same John Adams, a different one, his son.”

I have tried google with a variety of key words from the song, in quotes and out. I have also tried the search box here at woot.

I bet this was from before the podcast got its own discussion thread (or even a title). Those old ones are hard to search for, since you have to rely on someone having commented in the product description thread. I bet I can exhume it, though. Give me a few minutes.

OK, I dug it up:

I Know All The Presidents (In Order)

Enjoy, if possible!

Really wonder why he wanted this.

Maybe he’s an American History teacher.

Second grade actually, but it is not for class. I had the song saved on an old drive that went down, and it had been in the back of my mind to use the song to help me memorize the presidents in order.

Thank you so much for your help.