Woot Revelry Sonoma Red Wine (4) + Bonus

Woot Cellars Revelry Sonoma County Red Wine 4-Pack, with 3 Wine.Woot Gift Bags
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$78.99 $210.00 62% off List Price
2013 Woot Cellars Revelry, Sonoma County Red Wine

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It happened!

And here goes the SIWBM again…add more to the Wellington stash…

Woot Revelry Sonoma Red Wine (4) + Bonus
Speed to first woot: 4m 0.229s
First sucker: christopherpmoody
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Sigh. Waiting for my Victory to arrive… 4 days so far, from Charlotte to Raleigh NC. SWMBO will be unhappy enough with that, so I must pass. Or is that, “none shall pass”? In either case, I think I need to go cry.

Needs to be said for ALL of today’s offers, but mostly for the Wellington custom blend…

As I said elsewhere:

Oh boy… any wine budget I was pretending to have just went out the window. You’re killing me, WD.

In for two of these!

I’d like to order this in Massachusetts but I get an error when trying to check out. Since MA is listed as an option for this offer, can someone make sure that’s intentional? Thanks!

So far I’ve bought the Help Yourself and this. I’d better leave the page now!

I have the same problem as a MA wooter!

Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

Hoo boy- this is gonna be the most woots I’ve bought in a day- good thing we had a home strategy session on stocking up on the woot cellar and Wellington offerings through the end of the year!

It’s a bull market run!

Very excited to get my hands on this as I’ve missed it when offered in the past. I would love some thoughts/expertise on how this is drinking now - reading the notes from the original offering back in Fall '15, the general consensus was to cellar this for awhile. Is 2 years enough, or should I pack this away for a little bit longer? Thanks in advance for any expertise!

Didn’t grab this last time around, but based on the discussions of it on the past threads and general sentiments regarding wine.woot’s pending end, in for 2, even though I have no cellar space for it (I guess I just have to drink more of the wine I have on hand).

Definitely the most wine I have purchased in one day. RIP wine.woot. Looking forward to what’s NEXT!


So join or create a WW Gathering!


SoCal WW’ers are trying for one last hurrah (#48) in December.

If you had to choose between the two, which would you choose? :slight_smile:

Buy a case and try some every year! :wink:

IIRC, this is drinking very nicely now, but might be better with another year of so of aging. But it all depends on you. Try some when you get it (wait 2 weeks after receiving the wine or not … there’s usually debate on whether a wine needs to recover from shipping. Since it’s usually 2 weeks or more before I can get to my wine locker where they get delivered, it’s a moot point.), to see how you like it. Try some upon opening, then wait an hour (if you can!) to see if it opens more.

If it is better the longer it is open, it can still age longer. But it really is a personal preference.

Sound advice (as far as it goes). Then, of course, as SonomaBouliste noted, there is the rpm view that it will be infaticide to drink it before it’s 10th birthday in the Fall of 2023…

The Cabs, Cab-blends and Bordeaux you should be drinking now are (for most wines) 2007 and older, for top wines 2002 and older. I find the 2003s drinking very well, the 2005s beginning to approach maturity but with more development likely, and the 2007s just beginning to wake up. Most of the first growth Bordeaux and California equivalents - think Corison Kronos - which will be showing best will be 1997-1987.

Both! :wink:

Help Yourself is from Broken Earth Winery, Revelry is from Wellington.

Need I say more? :tongue:


Which is why I keep buying more of this … so it can last that long!