Woot Revelry Sonoma Red Wine (4) + Bonus

Been wanting to try this one for a minute, in for two + one LBT. The bags I shall keep, and let them steadily appreciate until I retire…

Missed this this go around, along with those large formats. :frowning:
I think I have plenty of this tho, the Wellington, ahh, not so much.

Well, missed it, not that I buy here often, but do enjoy reading what most have to offer.

Sorry to learn this place is going, but am having some (what I consider great) Wellington Syrah, 2012.

A tear for missing this, another glass, and a thank you to the people here!

I think you own half of what Peter ever produced!

Surely you jest. You might have more Wellington wine at your house than I have at mine!

He might have more at klezs home than you have!