Woot Roasters Heart of Darkness Coffee

Woot Roasters Heart of Darkness Coffee

Organic coffee from Guatemala @ $14 /lb is so far from a good deal. It’s highway robbery. I worked at boutique coffee company as a roaster among other things. You can get a fine Guatemala whole bean coffee from Grocery Outlet for $4.99/12oz bag when they have it. Sprouts has some good organic coffees usually on sale for $7.99/lb. There are deals to be had and this is not one.

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Do you have a link to share to either of those deals?

4.99 for a 12oz bag? Do you even realize that green, unroasted coffee is right around 4-5$ per pound? you get what you pay for…

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4.99 for Green coffee beans? Hmmm.

We’ll, all I know is I’m drinking some mighty fine coffee. Ground from some mighty fine Starbuck and Caribou beans, then brewed and pressed in a French press, just right, to make some mighty, MIGHTY fine coffee that I’m throughly enjoying at this here very second (siiip, Ahhhh!!) as I write down this here litte ditty. And I regularly purchase it at Walmart or Meijer at $5.89 for a 12ioz. Bag.

Woot might want to try selling a smaller amount so that us so called, lucky customers, can get a small taste of what we are buying before investing in 2lb. Bag!

But then Woot wouldn’t be moving its product, now Woot it?
If you bave about 30 bucks laying around to gamble on what just may be some good coffee, or just may be some excellent compost for your garden, then go for it.

Good luck, 'cause this ole homey ain’t be playing on this here “Deal?”!

"Good luck, 'cause this ole homey ain’t be playing on this here “Deal?”!"

This sentence qualifies as the “white man’s overbite” of slang. Simplify, my friend.

Yes, ‘single origin’ green beans are selling from 4-8 dollars right now (per lb). Caribou and the usual Starbucks are not specialty coffee and will not fall into this category because they use blends of different beans (ie. some good beans and then some filler beans that will not affect the taste too much, but will save money). You will notice that Starbucks single origin beans do go for 17-20 per bag.

This coffee is single origin (all from the same region) and routinely goes for $15-$18 for 12 oz. Route66W saying that Guatemalan coffee is not worth that is not informed because there are many regions in Guat that have exceptional nuance. Coffee can be compared to fine wine or scotch whiskey (single vineyard, single malt). There are many levels of “perceived” quality and many varieties of tastes that people have.

If you like your Caribou coffee, more power to you. It’s a fine consistent cup of coffee for the most part. But the coffee universe is vast and there are beans out there that are in a different league (aka. worth the money). Specialty beans are usually from small farms, picked by hand. Try some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and it might just blow your mind.


I’ve been very pleased with the woot cellars beans from previous sales. They are roasted right before they’re shipped (mine were 3 days old when received according to the handwritten date). Smokin’ Aces is the roaster from the last two bags, I assume this is the same though maybe they contractually can’t confirm. It’s comparable to the stuff I get locally for $15/ 12 oz.

Tldr: That’s a buy for me.


From the item specs:

Roasted & Packaged by Smokin’ Aces Coffee Co

I’ve had a few of the other coffees offered by Woot and roasted by Smokin’ Aces. Definitely a higher quality from the store bought stuff. Have not compared to other boutique roasters although I should. I have thoroughly enjoyed the coffee I have received from Woot and Smokin’ Aces. If you’re interested in a good cup of joe and willing to take the chance on this stuff, I definitely recommend it.

Anytime you can get coffee within a week of it being roasted, it will be way way better than anything bought at the grocery store, since the stuff on the shelves is already stale when it arrives at the store. Coffee stays fresh for only 10 days after roasting, and only 24 hours after grinding.


I’ve had woot coffee in the past. All have been good but stopped buying because of the cost per pound.
Lots of good coffee out there at half the cost. YMMV.

Assuming this is a super-dark roast, but seriously, why on earth isn’t that explicit and clear in the information for the deal?