Woot Roasters Heart of Darkness Coffee

Woot Roasters Heart of Darkness Coffee

I bought this last time around. I like it, but not enough to settle on it as my go-to coffee. It’s darkish, despite what the name may conjure up in your head. Compared to Starbucks it’s much lighter which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your taste. I only offer up the comparison to give you an idea of its flavor.

Below you can see what the beans look like. The heart of Darkness is on the right of your screen.

Would buy this if not for the chance I’ll turn into a deadite

The picture indicates it is 2019 harvest. Is the bags being sold the same?

I love this coffee. My dilemma is I still have 4lb from last sale (only coffee drinker in the house is me). I used to buy Squid Ink, but that disappeared & I’ve been getting this for over a year now. FWIW I dislike Charbucks & don’t buy by roast, but flavor profiles (hadn’t done it before their company website suggested it).

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What is the deal with my order? I ordered this on Date: Jul 25, 2020

Order Status: Shipping Now

No shipping notification. Are the growing my beans then roasting them? Woot, what is going on with the service??

In the past they have waited until sale is over then roast, sending beans out the day after. I ordered mine on the July 23 & I am still waiting.

For reference the last time I ordered this coffee, in June, it took a week and a half to ship.

Hi all. Just a reminder that specialty items on Grocery sometimes take longer to ship as they are often made to order and ship directly from the company.

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