Woot! RSS feed/Mozilla Live Bookmark?


Has anyone managed to get the Woot! RSS feed to work, in particular within Mozilla Firefox’s (RSS-reading) Live Bookmarks?

When I try to make one and then use it, all I get is “Live bookmark feed failed to load.” - or right now I’m getting a completely blank title. Is there a way to fix this? Anyone?


I’m looking at mine right now and it works fine.
Do you have other RSS feeds that DO work?
And just to make sure, you’ve tried to delete an try it again, yes?


I do have other working RSS feeds - but I realized just now that all but one of them were generated by hand, filling out the RSS URL manually. For some reason the auto-generated RSS URL in the Mozilla Live Bookmark ended in “/Blog/Atom.aspx” rather than the front page link’s suggested “/blog/rss.aspx”.

The former appears broken (the Atom feed?) while the latter works fine. Thanks for prompting me to recreate :slight_smile: