Woot Screaming Monkeys (Your Choice)

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Woot Screaming Monkeys (Your Choice)
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Does this come with crap?
Monkeys shouldn’t fly solo


Got monkeys with my last Crap, but you can never have enough monkeys.

Actually, I do have enough monkeys.

Over the years sence 2006 I have around 100 monkeys,sooooooooo no more monkeys for me,gave a lot to my grand children,and still have more then I need.

wow - havent seen a monkey up for sale in quite a while - can we have a Roomba next then a leakfrog?

Leakfrogs forever!


I’ve got lot’s of classic monkeys, including the jumbo guys. If anyone is interested, just let me know via PM.

Jumbo mutant monkey pics?

Dangnabit, missed them!
Tried to use some of my OLD ones and the hands snapped off :frowning:

how do you get them to talk after pulling out the paper?

Throw them. They scream when they hit something or something hits them.