Woot Screaming Monkeys (Your Choice)

Ah, the memories.

Gave one of these to each of my nephews and nieces at Christmas one year. Great fun. My brother on the other hand was not near as appreciative.

Yes! I also gave them to relatives kids! i think it’s way funnier than they did.

Pulled my tab on both of these and they did scream. Now, they don’t.
Anyone know of what to push to get them to scream?

You can launch them using the pockets built into the hands or just toss them across the room. As I recall it’s impact on the sound unit sets it off.

Are these the monkeys that you can launch like a slingshot?

Yes indeed.

Been cleaning out the storage unit, ran into my old collection of monkies…didn’t realize there were new ones…anyone still collecting them? I think their time is over sadly.

Hush, you!

Do they scream like the souls of the damned?

My dog LOVES these little guys, in a way. He carries them around and nibbles on them and is enamored by these small toys…until…well until they fall and hit the ground and the sound kicks in, then he’s terrified.

Pretty much, yeah.

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I’ve always wanted one. Mainly for prosperity, probably because my older brother got one years ago in a Basket of Cabbage, always tormented me, but never let me play with it. (Yeh, he’s 5 years older then me :stuck_out_tongue: )
I’m waiting until I get one in a BOC.