Woot Search Function

You really should add a search feature to the app. I want slippers but since I can’t search on woot, I’m not gonna scroll for 30 min to try and find them. Instead I’ll just go to Amazon app…


You can search the forums…


As much as I agree with you that Woot needs a search feature, you’re not going to fair much better with Amazon’s search feature, either. Over there, you try to search for specific items and you are instead presented with things that have NOTHING to do with what you were searching. Or, you try to filter by items under a certain price or within a certain range and you get items way outside that range. Or you try to filter by lowest to highest and the results you get are not sorted in any order whatsoever.

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I mean, when I search for penguin plushies, OBVIOUSLY I want lingerie & swimwear listings on the first page.


(Based on a true search.)

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(Monkey Chat from a few days ago.)


What’s really fun is when I do searches on the net (g@@gle or DDG, it doesn’t matter), no matter WHAT I search, there will invariably be porn results! I can search for the most obscure, least sexy thing ever and still get boobs :cowboy_hat_face: Not that I’m complain, mind you… I’m just sayin’ is all…

I saw that and giggled a little :cowboy_hat_face:

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If you’re still keeping score, add another mark.

Why didn’t we think of that?!?!?

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Really weird that they don’t have that feature. Especially because it is stupid easy to implement.

For instance, Just type in your google jearch window site:woot.com stuffIwantto search for - and it works.

But this site is hosted by Amazon, aka AWS, the cloud platform with a million built in features. But not search? Ridiculous.

Thanks for NOT implementing a useful feature that would take a good developer about a minute and save everyone time and effort and improve the web site! Its either lazy developers or some ridiculous marketing construct.

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Oh piss right off with that ‘lazy developers’ nonsense. Don’t blame the devs for work not figured into their sprint, quarter, or departmental roadmap.

If you feel that putout from the lack of a feature, and that cocksure it’s a six minute fix, then I’d suggest you pick up a keyboard and stand a post. Jump right in and demand to work on that you first day.

Here, let me help you in case you are unable to search for the career link.

Software Development Engineer (Woot LLC, Seattle, WA)
Software Development Manager (Woot LLC, Seattle, WA)
Software Development Engineer (Woot LLC, Seattle, WA)
Software Development Engineer (Woot LLC, Seattle, WA)
Sr. Software Development Engineer (Woot LLC, Seattle, WA)

Or you search for a fairly general phrase (say, “monkey wrench”) and get 10 results, none of which are the product you were viewing earlier, but if you search for “gold-plated left-handed monkey wrench”, bingo, there it is.

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Pfft. Like Woot ever sells what you want when you want it.


Come on folks. There is a reason why there is no SEARCH function. Woot is all about the impulse buy. They want you to scroll thru pages and pages looking for what you want knowing so many of you will see something(s) else and buy it ON IMPULSE. Sorry Charlie, you are being manipulated.
PS Now you know why Woot has such an evil grin!!!


BTW, I’m heading on over to Temu to see if they have a Search function. Hopefully they aren’t using the same marketing model.

If it makes you feel better, Amazon’s search function isn’t great for me.

I search for penguin plushies, and I get stuff like bathing suit results.


As has probably already been pointed out, a third party made a search engine for Woot:

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And cats. So many cat results.