Woot selling stolen chromebooks?


So, the Dell 11 inch Chromebook Woot sold me has been remotely locked by the public school district it was stolen from.

Real nice, Woot. :fu:


No, we don’t sell them knowing that. Until it is registered, it’s impossible to know this information.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. They’ll take care of you.


It’s entirely possible that the school district did not unlock the device before life-cycling it out via a third party vendor, or it was a repair that had been replaced under warranty, then refurbished and resold. It might not be stolen at all

I worked in public school IT for 11 years. There’s a bunch of perfectly legal ways in which this could have happened. The fault is with the refurb company for not wiping the drive and checking it thoroughly before reselling. Work with CS. They will make it right for you.


I’ve found the contact info for the original organization that owned it and am trying to get it unlocked. Hopefully it’s just a mistake and isn’t stolen. Sorry for flying off the handle like that, but my first thought was “damn it I bought a stolen chromebook”

The main issue is that it can’t be wiped. Chromebooks that have been remotely locked are pretty much bricks unless the organization unenrolls it.


No worries. I’d be upset too. Woot CS will help you out.


Moving this to info desk.