Woot shipped wrong item - twice! Substituted cheap-looking aluminum Apple Watch for stainless steel advertised!

On November 26, I ordered an Apple Watch series 6 as a holiday gift.

As you can see, the Specs tab on the product page -

explicitly describes it as:



Glass front (Sapphire crystal), ceramic/sapphire crystal back, stainless steel frame"


I personally think the aluminum version of the Apple Watch looks somewhat tacky compared to the stainless steel version, so the fact that it was advertised as “stainless steel frame” was the key to my purchase.

When we opened it for the holidays, we saw that Woot had instead shipped the aluminum version of the watch! (It was clearly printed on the underside of the watch body (“44MM ALUMINUM & CERAMIC CASE”).)

On January 1, I notified Woot customer service through the website contact form about this error by them, in detail. They responded and apologized and said they would ship the correct replacement item.

So guess what they sent to fix their error?

Yup, you guessed it – another Apple Watch in aluminum.

(And both product unboxings were recorded completely on video from envelope opening to trying the product, so we have proof.)


My first assumption might have been that woot and Amazon were engaged in false advertising of products in one type of metal but actually shipping the products in another metal (a classic bait-and-switch scam).

However, I tried to give woot and Amazon the benefit of the doubt, and assumed it was just some incompetent customer service technician who didn’t bother to make sure the right thing was sent.

I again used the website contact form and explained why it was the incorrect item and pointed them to the wording on the product listing Specs.

And they again sent a form letter apology for shipping the wrong item and said they’d look into sending the right item.

Instead, after I agreed to that, they said they were out of stock.


So thanks for ruining that holiday gift idea, woot. And thanks also to woot’s form email-sending customer service reps who apparently couldn’t be bothered to actually read the specific of my message and make sure the problem is being corrected.

As this is my first purchase from woot, and they sent the wrong item twice, I assume this is the norm for woot. (It’s a shame because usually Amazon doesn’t try to scam buyers and it pretty legit.)

Buyer Beware.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problems with the watch. I’m guessing we got wrong information from the vendor or we imported the wrong information.

I’m checking with the electronics team and CS to see what we can do.

Hi @ThunderThighs

Thanks for checking with those teams. When should I expect the item I purchased that was advertised – the stainless steel Apple Watch series 6 – to be shipped? Thanks again.