Woot shirt designers...question about DBH.

I posted this under EBW because I didn’t know if it was relevant to woot shirts as well. But, it seems a lot of the winning designs on DBH are being printed with a lot more colors lately. I thought they originally wanted 8 colors or less, but they’ve had a lot of layered watercolor-like shirts win lately. Anyone know if they have new print methods that allow for more colors?

Thanks for any help you might have.

I think number of colors is largely dependent on which printing technique you specify. Since each color is applied as a different screen, water based inks should be able to layer without any problem, making their 8 colors look like more (essentially, those would be halftones).

Their explanation of print processes does allow for halftones and gradients: link to print processes

(Also, I think the eight colors thing is more of a guideline than a rule- these guys are experts, and I think they’re able to print pretty much anything they want. So if they really like a shirt, they may be willing to print it regardless of extra production costs.)

Thanks! I really liked a couple of the shirts that won this week (The current shirt of the week and the other called “In the Smoking Room”.) Both looked like watercolor paintings. So these layered colors are part of the halftones and gradients?

I believe so, but I’m not a printing expert so I’m not 100% sure :wink: