Woot Shirt Fabric

I love the graphics on a lot of the shirts Woot sells, but the 100% cotton as the fabric is terrible.

100% cotton shirts, fade, shrink and soak up moisture like a sponge.

If they switched to a cotton/poly blend I would probably buy at least one shirt a week. Every week I see a shirt I would love to have but I stopped buying Woot shirts years ago because of the terribly cheap fabric.

Switch to 50/50 cotton/poly and I would be a regular shirt buyer.

Well, most people prefer 100% cotton. But keep an eye out for shirts on the Heather colors:


Personally I can only wear 100% cotton. Synthetics and poly/cotton blends cause me to overheat and sweat. I’m always disappointed when I order a a grey shirt (from wherever) that was described as 100% cotton but is actually a blend when I receive it.

I personally love the heather shirts. They seem softer to me.

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I’m the opposite. Synthetic and synthetic blends are lighter, softer, and breath better for me. I’m glad TT pointed out the heather shirts are blends because now I’ll be more likely to buy designs I like in those colors.

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