Woot Shirt Of The Month Club

Very interesting

interesting indeed. wish i knew what blanks they’d be printed on ahead of time though. last week i got a couple on AA. Wasn’t expecting that and was super pumped.

Mostly crappy. You should no that, by now.

Interested in this. Not sure that I will pull the trigger on this one though. Just because it’s a popular shirt doesn’t mean it’s my style. If I get a shirt I dont like, I just won’t wear it. Will probably just spend the $96 (and then some) on shirts that appeal to me.

Don’t get me wrong, many of the woot!shirt designs are great. I don’t want to end up with12 rags.

$8 per shirt is way cheaper than The Threadless shirt of the month club. Too bad I have way too many graphic tees already.

Eh, if I am going to get randoms, I would much rather get them from the random sales. Sure the design may be special but I like knowing what I am getting, unless it is pretty cheap.

8 dollars per month (times 12) is too much to pay so I can get a bunch of shirts they’re trying to get rid of. Even if they’re ‘good’ shirts, it doesn’t mean I’ll like them.

IMO, a better idea would be if you could pick a shirt each month. Each day you’d have a chance to pick that day’s shirt as your free shirt. Do you pick today or wait until tomorrow? That deciesion would get harder and harder a the month wore on.

I’ll take a pass on this deal. It sounded tempting, but not when it’s their choice. Sorry woot. This is will too easily become ‘bag of crap of the month’.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through!

Interesting, but too much unknown to take a chance with the luck I’ve had with mystery items.