Woot Shirt search tags

Just curious how the keywords are chosen for various designs. The reason I ask is that my design “It’s a Fish” features the famous Admiral Ackbar from The Empire Strikes Back. It obviously references the famous “It’s a trap!” scene.

When searching for “It’s a trap” in the catalog, 13 designs come up. When searching for Admiral Ackbar, only 5 show up (and mine isn’t among them). This leads me to wonder if some designs don’t have all the keywords tagged that would result in more accurate searches by customers, and thus more sales.

Anyway…this is what happens when my mind wanders.

Our system can be a little weird when it comes to punctuation in the search. If you search for “Its a trap”, your design does show up, even though our system sees “its” and “it’s” the same. I have added “it’s” to the tags to see if that helps.

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Awesome…thanks! Interesting inside peek.