Woot shirt unpacking fail.

I love this site, and I’ve ordered 3 or 2 shirts already, usually I get that plastic bag and start ripping at it like a mad animal, then I always end up getting scissors, and cutting this bag open. Today when receiving my shirt I ordered from May 17th, the live together or die alone lost shirt, I cut the bag open, however, after i did so, I noticed that on the side of the bag is little dotted things, and I started to rip it, and it ripped sooooooo easily, and it revealed the inside of the bag. -.- I fail at examining the package, I guess I’m just too excited to get the product that I don’t have anytime to spare! Anyone experienced this same problem, or am I the only dumb one?? =[

I haven’t experienced that yet, but you certainly can’t be the only dumb one.

I’ve noticed that line before, but I’ve never used it. I usually just start ripping the middle open like a raging jack ass.