Woot shirts fitting poorly?

Hi all,

I was wondering if the woot shirts fit anyone else particularly poorly? According to most T-shirts I own I am somewhere between a large and an extra large. In woots case the L and XL fit mostly save one part, the neck. It is ridiculously tight. I tried an XXL with the last shirt I bought and the neck fits, but otherwise it is far too large.

Is this just me?

You’ll find more information on the sizing in World of Woot Shirts. These are American Apparel shirts and they fit a bit tighter than other brands. Rule of thumb is to order a size larger than you normally wear. I agree, the necks do seem a bit smaller than other shirts.

You’ll also find some sizing info here

Agreed. I’m in between sizes and I also find the neck a bit tight (as well as the bust, yikes!). Although this trick is a little easier to get away with on girls… I just plain cut the neck out… shhhh don’t tell anyone! (also since im wicked short and the shirts can be a bit long sometimes I even cut the bottom OH did I say that out loud?). T-shirt material is great for altering since it doesn’t fray :slight_smile:

Yes, the neck is tight. I have ended up tearing the shirts trying to make the neck bigger. I can’t stand anything touching my neck and these are the worst.

No more shirts for me.

I find that the sizes, especially womens run very small. I normally wear a medium and bought a large which I still have to stretch (the bust area) before I wear it. I can’t stand a tight neck and have cut the neck out of other shirts, but don’t have this problem with my woot shirt. I like the more fitted women shirt, but next time may try a mens. My son buys shirts all the time and says they run rather close to “normal” sizing.