Woot! Shirts for Kids

The Littlest Brand Ambassador.

srsly, tho, these are pretty stinkin’ cute.

When I got these in several sizes and colors, they were NOT all made in USA. They were a mix of the old and new blanks. Just sayin’.

My son has 2 yellow, 1 red, and 1 blue Woot! shirts in K6 (three of them thanks to a random shirt event). They are on the old shirt blanks, and they fit my tall, lean 2yo just about perfectly. He sleeps and plays in them. I’m tempted to add a white one, but somehow white seems to be a magnet for dirt and paint.

Bought one of each color last time around - the 8 & 11 yr olds fight over them. Can we get this style in a YXL or an AS for the 12-14 year olds please?

Still waiting for the adult sizes, or at least one with a Woot logo…

Black, green, orange and purple please!

My 9 year old loves the one shirt I bought him (because the hip phrase is no longer “Whoo-hoo!” but “Woot!” making him hip with the current times). I’m definitely buying more! It wears well, washes well, and is comfortable and stands up to all a 9 year old boy can throw at it (and that’s a lot!!)

Me too! Haven’t seen adult one in over a year.





You should never wear a shirt with a conspicuous logo on it unless it was free or they are paying you to wear it. Don’t give them any free advertising unless you are getting something in return.

This lesson brought to you by Shawn Spencer.

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