Woot should do fat heads!

I think woot should partner with a a company like fatheads, or at least someone that prints oversized wall clings. And offer some of the designs in giant size. Or even have a derby to design for a giant sticker!
Whatcha think? Imagine MARVELous Clubhouse as a 6 foot sticker!!!

Good idea. That would be pretty cool. Much cheaper than the canvas prints woot offers for the shirt.woot designs. They have done posters before (I have this one), but wall clings would be better for offices where you’re not allowed to damage the walls by hanging stuff and you could make them in much bigger sizes too.
In addition to shirt designs, sell one that has a woot logo pack featuring woot!, the crap bag, the monkeys, etc…

Yeah! We need to get some momentum behind this!

Great idea. I passed it on to the Shirt team and the person that buys wall art. Thanks!

HAHA! Awesome!

Let the jumbo Doctor Who designs begin!

i have a fat head. :frowning:

Is it fat, or just swollen?


Has it been that way longer than 4 hours?

Throw a towel over it!

Do some pushups Pablo, maybe it will go away.

Wait. I found the cure…