Woot Skiers/riders, donnez-moi a recommendation


Hey folks, I was thinking of doing a ski trip when my exams are finished sometime soon after December 9th, and we just won’t have enough snow at our Southern resorts that I’m used to, most likely, so I thought I might head up to the northeast. Does anybody have any recommendations for where they like to go? I’d like to do someplace where I could stay on the mountain, has a lot of beginner (and I might make it to the intermediate slopes this time, with a lesson), and offers night skiing…
I am somewhat open to the west, but I think my costs will go too high if I have to fly and pay for accomidations, lift tickets, and ski rentals (but not boots, I have my own boots)…


I think Lynnzoi said some resorts up her way were open . . . I’ve been told that Killington in Vermont is a good place.


thanks for the recommendation, AZGman, I’ll look into that…


Killington www.killington.com certainly has a lot of terrain open so early in the season, but is a little “souless”. But what are you looking for as far as terrain? If your looking for a mountain with nice natural expert terrain and a real cool vibe try Mad River Glen http://www.madriverglen.com/ . Sorry, no riders though. They have a single chair lift too! A cool website to find out some more info on Northeast Skiing is www.alpinezone.com . The forum is real chill.


wow, thanks for the recs… i’m still learning; i’m just barely to the point where i can almost keep my skis parallel for a turn, but i’m mostly using that wedge style, so i’m looking for a lot of beginner and intermediate. i also love night skiing, so that would be a plus. Mad River Glen looks nice, but some of my friends ride. what do you think of stowe?


Well if heading to NewEngland, I would suggest Smugglers notch as you requested lots of beginner terrain.

If Staying in say Pennsylvania, I would suggest Jack Frost Big Boulder, two ski areas, one ticket works at both. Boulder has Night skiing, and both have ample beginner terrain. http://www.jfbb.com


You may want to take a look at Stratton Mt., VT, near Manchester. Good variety of slopes, beginner to expert, good conditions, not quite as monstrous or expensive as the Killington empire. Fast lifts, excellent snowmaking. Had good snow everytime I’ve been there. Lots of facilities for single board riders too.
Plenty of scenic, plenty of places to stay.
Gore Mt., NY is also not a bad choice. Lots of mountain, including gondola. Good snow, large variety of runs, can get to the top and ski all the way down on green dot/blue square slopes.


thanks for the recommendations everybody, these are really useful