Woot Sleeved Blanket

Birth control!!!

Prepared for my bandolier of carrot purchase!

Upon seeing this thing, my brain severed my optic nerve in self-defense.

Why don’t they throw in the bag to turn this into a bag of crap instead of just crap.


i’ll wear my official woot shirt under this!

Does this naturally repel cat hair as well as people?

I’m kind of loving this for an Xmas gift, to my in laws!

At least this way, you know what crap you are getting. No surprises.

Actually, this could be a halloween costume, just throw a basketball jersey over it and you are set to go.

No pictures of the back side of this pseudo-snuggie? I’m not going to risk even $10 if I don’t get to examine this monkey’s ass, sorry.

the blanket is probably simultaneously the best and worst thing possible: assless.

Definitely looks flame retarded

I bought 6 for wife and kids. Seriously their favorite thing ever. Every night it’s Woot monkey blanket time and it’s amazing for cute pics. The only downside is, no, not even the cereal bar guy gets 'em free or discounted.

Yeah, kinda like a hospital gown.

Seriously woot? Limit of 3? I’ve got a house full of people who want this. There might be bloodshed.

Wow, you really are stuck on yourselves… how pathetic.

Thanks for your feedback! We actually have quite low self esteem. Which is why we produced a sleeved blanket we can curl up with on the couch, drinking wine alone, and pondering the very meaninglessness of our existence. Oh and we have great deals on the wine too over at wine.woot!

Great. Thanks for reminding me of my meaningless existence. I’d just forgotten it after my two glasses of wine. :wah:

Great deal of the Ty Caton today if you need to top up the Cellar of Cope.