Woot Stock Your Freezer Pack

Woot Stock Your Freezer Pack

This garbage AGAIN!!! I have had better meats from our local supermarket. Not sure what all the fuss is about!!!

I liken mail-order steaks to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Only the smartest people with the most discerning of taste buds are able to appreciate these steaks and so foodies aren’t willing to admit that this stuff tastes just like what you buy from the grocery store or, in some cases, even worse.

When I refinanced my house years ago, the loan officer gave me a “gift” or an Omaha Steaks sampler pack. Personally, I would have preferred to have had the cash equivalent of it. But I got a few sirloins, burgers, hot dogs, and one other cut of steak (maybe a filet?).

I did not care for any of it nearly as much as what I can just buy from the store. A frozen pre-fab hamburger is just never going to compare with a fresh patty that I make myself.

100% accurate comment.

Now that covid-19 is in the headlines,Omaha is making a pitch to unload their crap.