Woot T-Shirt Art on Canvas: Round 2

This might get more attention if it were also posted on the shirt.woot site.

It’s likely it’ll be there either later this week or at a different time.

Not that I don’t appreciate a fine canvas or rich mahogany, but given pricing, I’m thinking of starting a new trend: Decorating my walls with T-shirts. They hang easy… They’re durable… They’re cheap… Yeah. I could see that working for me.

If you do the God playing with rocks and dinosaurs (a.k.a. “Playing God”)design and if the price comes down a bit, then I think I’ll buy one. Until then I’ll just buy an extra t-shirt and put it in a frame.

What are the odds that as I was looking through these I came across the shirt I was currently wearing(knock knock)?

The Koi one is gonna look great in my bathroom.

Hey everyone, I’m with the manufacturer and am here to answer any questions.

We’re very excited to offer your favorite Woot shirt designs as premium gallery-wrapped canvases… this time, in 4 different sizes!


How would you grade the quality on these? barren walls and i just got the birth of the man 36x48…

Ive been looking for a Round 2, and I find it buried on the main woot page? Is this done with purpose?

I’d be interested in knowing how these designs translate onto canvas, particularly the larger sizes?

I ask, because a while back I got one of the posters, which I believe are about 24X32, and the design looks very blocky or pixelated, or whatever it’s called.

It may be intentional in the design, but it didn’t look like that on the shirt, and it needs to be viewed from quite a distance for it to not be distracting, unfortunately my house isn’t that big (:().

Do all the designs look blocky/pixelated when enlarged?

Is there anyway to see a magnified view of the canvases, to get a feel for what these will look like up close? As someone else mentioned, these aren’t exactly “poster-priced”.


I had gotten two of these during the first offering, and I must say that I was fairly pleased with what I received. Construction was well done (although one was slightly twisted, not enough to be an issue), and the printing was nice as well.

The two that I got were Nature’s Harmony and Blossom. The printing on “Nature’s Harmony” was perfect - you wouldn’t know that it had been a shirt design at all, no blockiness/pixelating except what was designed in. “Blossoms” definitely looks grainier, but that’s because the halftones are much more apparent in the larger-than-shirt printing.

I can get some close-up pics and post them later today if that would help anybody.

During Round 1, a lot of people commented that these might sell better if they were placed on the main woot page, since artwork is sold there and the prices weren’t exactly what most t-shirt buyers would expect first thing they log on. It seems they decided to take our advice and see how they sell on the main page.

Honestly, it looks like the only way they’re going to appease everyone is to post on both pages xp

On a personal note, I really need to just start putting money aside so I have it ready for woot-offs and these canvases. This round has a beautiful balance of artsy designs and fun designs, and I easily see three I’d love to get >.<

Hey everyone,

Just to clear something up: we are NOT the company who did the posters; we only do canvas. Our quality is top-notch! Our files are all optimized for large-format printing, so pixelation is not an issue. Here’s a close-up picture of a freshly-wrapped canvas:

Do you guys have a visual representation of the different canvas sizes? I’m much more of a visual person and cant decide which I would like better without drawing all over my wall…

I got the blue shell one from round one. Loved it.

Tomorrow is Payday, i hope i get the deposit before they close it down.

These really look good.

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