Woot T-Shirt Art on Canvas: Round 2

I like the picture of the guy in the Binge shirt just now realizing there is a print on the wall that matches his shirt. He’s so excited.

Thanks for making this sale last a little longer so I can better afford the awesome Canvas that I’m eyeballing.

I’m so disappointed you won’t ship these internationally. I had planned to buy a couple of different ones for my new house.

oh my - you picked some awesome art to put on canvas…

Problem - you have overwhelmed me with awesome choices, so I may not get any due to an inability to decide.

I like how two different prints feature A’Tuin!

Viewing these designs caused me to google around and find these:

Banana Coconut Granola Bars

I now have the start of my next shopping list.

Didn’t pull the trigger when this was over on woot. Thanks for making me continue to contemplate a purchase (which will end up with me purchasing one, damn you woot).

Also, given there are a few in the office it seems, any way we could get the four sizes next to each other for comparison purposes?

Yes, this!

Looks awesome, can’t wait til I can start purchasing more regularly from Woot, can’t afford to right now but definitely will continue if awesome events like this keep happening. :slight_smile:

Love the shirts but… this is not worth it.

I’m sorry, hate me forever… but just no for me.

Wow, some of these look really awesome, the Australia one really stands out. I am out of money for a while, so I hope this continues until I can save up for one!

I bought one of these last time as a house warming gift for my friend. He and his wife loved it even more than I thought, and now it is hanging above the fireplace.

The prints look very nice. The quality is top notch and it was shipped is a very well protected box.

None of these quite do it for me, but I love that woot is putting quality prints out like this. Keep em coming!

Agreed. It would be AWESOME if they were printed to order, with any available design. Maybe some day :wink:

Love these!

Can’t get them now, but please bring them back later.

What do they mean round 2? What happened to round 1???

It’s, perhaps predictably, passed.

They had it buried on the main Woot page. Hard to come across unless you are really bored at work.

Yea I asked for this in Round 1, never got a reply.

Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller?

Fascinating. Anyone got a link to round 1? I’m curious what paintings were sold then.