Woot tax? W-T-F

What is this new tax on orders now?? “Tax added by Woot: $.99”

If you have to pay tax on Amazon, now you have to pay tax on woot.

Since Amazon is so huge, most states know it exist and went looking for their taxes.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax Turns out, the guvment needs monies to run!

Dude, like you, we’re based in Texas, we’ve always had to collect sales tax for orders shipped inside the great state where the stars at night are big and bright.


They live in TX?

Man, you just weren’t paying attention!

Deep in the heart of Texas

4 claps, there are 4 claps.

Didn’t even notice as Woot used to run an office in St.Louis, so Tax I have always dealt with.

3, 4 - doesn’t matter. It’s still deep in the heart of TX!

And you will find that more and more companies are going to be forced to collect sales tax if they have the slightest presence in a state.