Woot the ....?

Is it me, or do the Woot deals just not seem as good as they used to since Amazon moved in?
Most of these items have prices that don’t make me jump.

I think the real difference is the vast number of items being offered. So you have more deals in total, but maybe the same number of “good” deals.

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You can get a bag of stupid pinecones for $2.99. That’s way better than going outside. There’s people out there.

Also, stupid is one of the features.


This discussion AGAIN!?!?!?


If I knew how to make tshirts I’d make it a tshirt then @Narfcake could take over.

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Take over? What – do I look like a gene spliced lab mouse to you?!


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Lol, but you’re still cute.

Narf also knows very little about Animanaics. I checked.

Well, they did spin off.

He knows more about the pin off than the original. Though knowing more than 1% isn’t saying that much.

I preferred Tiny Toons to Animaniacs. They shared the same time slot and Plucky rules.

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Yep. That’s why several years ago, it was so awkward to be recognized by one of the voice artists down at SDCC.

(Hi, Moe!)

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Fun fact: the Warners were originally ducks.


It’s almost time for my Tiny Toons marathon. Wanna come?

Lemme get my bean bag chair and I’ll be right over.

Do you eat beans?
Do you like George Wendt movies?

If only there was a shirt for this…


I once wrote an essay in middle school about how much I hate beans.

Are we talking about Norm from cheers? Because I’m not sure.

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Nah. Survey ladies – which was based on a real life situation.

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Nice to see that you know how to search things on the penguinet. :stuck_out_tongue: