Woot-Themed Lunchbox

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Woot-Themed Lunchbox
Price: $4
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $8 Ground OR $9 Two-Day OR $10 One-Day OR $10 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Thursday, May 25 to Friday, May 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Okay, that’s pretty awesome.

… so no crap OR thermos inside?

Pictures of the inside? Plastic thermos?

No thermos.

I got one of these in a BOC a while back. It is just the lunch box (no other bells or whistles). Still fun though.

It would be better with a thermos.

this is super tempting. I wish I knew the size in relation to say a can of soda. If it can fits a sandwich, bag of chips, and a can, that would be super tempting.

Who needs a thermos when woot sells an insulated travel mug?? I’m a sucker

Never used a lunchbox, and have absolutely no need for this, but whenever it shows up, it beckons me.

I should probably consult a medical (or financial) expert.

It would be better with a basket of chocolate…

It would be more fun if it was a “LunchBOC”.

I have one from a while back, they can fit a can of soda, but chips and a sandwich depend on size. If it’s vending machine size chips and “regular” bread then sure. If you’re talking a footlong and 9oz bag of chips, they’ll fit if you crush them.

thanks for the info. If that fit a foot long comfortably, then that would be that tardis of lunchboxes which would be amazing. It sounds good enough for basic needs though which is nice. May not really put chips in there, but if chips fit, so doesn’t an ice pack.

quick edit- thanks to the info I done got me one. Thank you renatuslives for helping me spend more money \o/

Out of curiosity (or boredom)… How is “List Price” $8.00, when it was $11.00 last year, and it’s on your own branded item?

I get that “list price” is considered a “suggested” retail price – much the same way I suppose traffic lights & turn signals are a “suggestion” in places like Boston & Chicago :slight_smile:

But the fact that it can fluctuate to that degree on a whim is somewhat distressing if one were to rely on that information for evaluating an impulse purchase, say during a woot-off.

… because the feature bullet point for ‘size’ wasn’t helpful?

8.66142in l x 6.81102in w x 3.58268in h

Average pop can is: 4.83in h x 2.6in diameter at the widest.

For extra credit how many unopened pop cans can you fit in the lunch pail?


For extra credit how many unopened pop cans can you fit in the lunch pail?