Woot Travel Mug 16 oz

well done

Green is my favorite color!!

I did, but the Hideki Matsui Signed jersey was already sold out!


May I have a coupon also, please? Because my birthday is this year too.

wow that is an expensive mug

HA! No. I’m not going down that path. Then someone will want one because they broke a fingernail… or a bulb burned out…



SWEET!! Being a sucker for Woot-branded products paid off! :slight_smile:

YOU get a coupon! And YOU get a coupon! And YOU get a coupon!.. wakes up

And reading the thread! Your coupon awaits.

I’m glad its not taxed at $71,220.04

Last time I bought a mug from woot my mug ended up on Facebook.

Sorry, but my toddler daughter doesn’t like them…I have 4 for when she comes around though!

She’ll cutely say “monkey” when it’s lying there, but that monkey scream absolutely terrifies her! Only at the zoo when a tiger pounced towards the glass near her has she been terrified that much. haha.

Happy Birthday Woot!

at that rate, it’s not just a steal, that’s grand larceny

Wow, I joined Woot when it was only 5 months old. Now I feel old.

Cool! Got one about 30 minutes ago!

Is this all dishwasher safe?

It never hurts to try.