woot tried to assasinate me..


I clicked the woot podcast for the first time in over a month, and started laughing hysterically.

//gasps for breath

It was about that flaming thread over bringing back the car

//gasps for breath




//passes out


//pulls DM out of the crash site

//gets a hot nurse to administer CPR


Nurses on fire have a hard time doing anything but screaming and running around in circles…


So much for that “non-flamable” garment tag on those cute little uniforms. Oh the inlemmingity!


One of the fan club women Mindy mentioned is me! It seems I’m a guy! Wish someone had told me. Maybe that is why childbirth hurt so much. Mindy is a native NYer too, but she moved, to be closer to woot.

See Ace, we still need a Mom here! We need you! One hour a day, you can do it!


Geez, bonehead, I got a hot nurse to give you CPR, what more do ya want?

Anbd please do not set fire to me, I still have work here to do.


Preferably a live one not about to expire from being set on fire.

Request granted.

Where’s my cheetos?


Got a trap baited to catch hopefully either a raccoon or opossum tonight. If it’s female, you want that one?


Hot nurse is here.
Cheetos are on her cart, so to speak.
Enjoy yourself, DM, as will all of us…


I prefer my nurses at flesh temperature. Flaming ones tend to set fire to the cheetos. The cheetos contain a lot of oil and burn easily.


What exactly is flesh temperature?

WTF did you do with all the cheetos I got last week? No wonder your bottom is so round!


so, “core” temperature is about 37C. i.e., rectal temp.
extremeties are quite a bit lower- can be in the low 30s. can also be as high as core.

by the way, lemming, there are a couple of kinds of ‘hot’. For nurses, I highly recommend the ‘other’ definition than you are used to.