Woot turns 17!

These are the two current appsclusive deals. I’m guessing there will be a special one added sometime today. But I’m not 100% sure either.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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“Enter in these here forums soon!”

So does posting in this section enter us into some competition? Or am I waiting for more information here?

deals time

This isn’t the entry area. Here we discuss the events. Up at the top of this thread when the event goes live there will be a link added to the actual event thread.

In theory. The links are a little late.

However, out in the main forum page you’ll see Ben’s t-shirt thread. And the deal-o-meter probably has a banner on the main shopping page.

I’m ready to reap the rewards of your birth celebration!

Let’s stump Ben is the link below.

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And the deal-o-meter

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Who needs sleep when you can Woot! For woots birthday all week!

Thank you!!!

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First up on the list is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler.


Happy bday

Happy 17th Birthday Woot!! :birthday::balloon::confetti_ball:

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Enter me please, Woot!

Woot! My son turns 13 on July 12th, I would loved to give him a bag o crap for his birthday!

Well, this answers my question from earlier today! LOL

Only 4 more years before you can drink! (legally…)

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Sneaky woot didn’t put appclusive in the header. Thanks! I wouldn’t have ever found it

Me want Bag o’ Crap, pretty please with sugar on it. Hugs and kisses to Woot!

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Seventeen, eh?

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