Woot turns 17!

Give away. Give away

Crowd chants.

Give away.

Before crashing the site.

The links will be at the top of this thread.

What does Staff Birthday Picks really mean?? More bags of crappy crap!!!

Happy B-Day. Almost considered an adult in the US.

Happy Birthday Woot!!!

The Birthday B0C Giveaway is live!

Woot!'s 17th Birthday BOC Giveaway!!! Enter before 7/19/2021 @ 4pm CT.



I really want to give you a present, but all I have is a hair ball.
I love you soooooo much!!! I hope I get a mouse!!!
Happy Birthday!!!


Only here for the gifs

Oprah Hand Outs GIF


Noice Thats Nice GIF

Happy birthday week Woot :partying_face:

Woot! Happy Birthday and :partying_face:

17 is such a great age. Your getting up there! Happy happy birthday Woot!

Woot! I need to win I need to give a wedding gift…even a BOC would be good to regift!

Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

Happy Birthday GIF

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Happy Birthday woot! You’re awesome! I share the same Birthday. I knew greatness was born on this day

Does anyone know where these can be found?