Woot turns 17!

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Happy Birthday Woot! I can remember when you were only this big, you used to be so cute!

Any chance I can snag one of those sweet 17 birthday caps? Pretty please?

Woot! Happy Birthday and I hope to celebrate the next 17 with you!

Surprised I have not seen an email from Woot reminding me of this. Whassup Woot?

Woot! Happy Birthday and shenanigans!


Did you find the budget for this yet? :wink:

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Aren’t all deals picked/allowed by some staff member?



Will the 31 day rule apply during the birthday woot-off? I’m sure it was brought up already, but homie ain’t got time for that.

Awesome thank you! Sorry missed it, can we add the link to the top post of this thread that post is my guiding light this week.

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It always applies except for the giveaways. So if you got a BoC in the past 31 days you can’t get another… I’m in that boat, but can’t complain the last bag was all but crap!

@ThunderThighs I’m not sure who’s in charge of links. I hope it’s not @davejlives.

That’s not technically a “no”…


Done. Thanks!


In case anyone wants to know…I found this deal today

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Got these cookies as a gift this morning :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I see we have some WTF goings on on Tuesday - Yipee!!!

At what time of day should I neglect all other responsibilities, and focus 100% on Woot.COM (who I’m told just happens to have turned 17) ??

That’s insane, been with them for almost 17 years.

11:00AM CT
I saw the banner on the main page after midnight.

Instead of he usual flying scream, they’re shouting Get me out of here!!!

Well… a few are probably curled up in psychotic little balls… poor monkeys…