Woot turns 17!

Mine too, minus the bags bc I didn’t buy those :+1:t2:
I’m surprised my husband didn’t question the pile of boxes… :joy::joy:

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So, is buying it in bulk from wholesale clubs if your into that much foil. What are you going to be for Halloween now that Covid implementation is possibly coming back. At least you can dress like the Tin man in your own residence that’s if you would have got that deal. If a package showed up here with that much foil…I’m sure my wife would use the included some what sharp foil cutter to decapitate me.

Conclusion I will glance at today’s woot off items as my final outcome was buy 10% only BOC offerings and avoid 85% at which I had decisions for 5% of certain offerings. Which I can’t even remember what they were so I’m actually glad I contained myself.

Odd that all the leftovers don’t have forum links no?

Here’s the sale.

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Yeah but each item

Each item came up on the Woot-Off with its own forum thread so it would really be duplicating it if they did it on the leftovers, too.


The western digital hdd was the next up didn’t have a forum post.

I didn’t see it but it could have been a glitch. I’m not sure of the technical workings of the forums.



I’m a little sad. I’ve enjoyed spending my nights with Woot trying to get the crazy deals. Glad this all happened while I was on vacation bc I wouldn’t have gotten ANY of the deals if I had to wake up for work the next day!


Well, unless I get to snag one somewhere else this weekend, looks like I wont be making birthday BOCs a tradition. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
Got to VoP a few times, but it doesn’t kick me out when I’m on the app. Just let’s me sit forever.

I got my “becoming our consort,” which I find ironic since it’s my first EVER bag o’ crap!!! I’m super excited and really hope I don’t get a bunch of beauty products being I’m a guy. Woot… I keep refreshing my shipping status and really hope I don’t have to wait until the 30th…I’m too impatient!!!

@ThunderThighs, any update on when the TTHH will be rescheduled?

Looking at tomorrow. 5-7pm CT


Okay! Thank you!

Looking forward to it!!

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Sweet! I’ll be able to make it.


Speaking of happy hour, this is as good a place as any to put this reminder…

The January TTHH coupon expires TODAY!!!!

I know half of you were drunk and could barely read at the time so I posted a link for you to check whether you were one of the chosen few that somehow fell in the favor of the Happy Hour Queen and were deemed coupon worthy. Wow, that reminded me of “The Sponge” Seinfeld episode.