Woot Twitch Stream thread for Chat and Feedback!

Hey Wooters!

I wanted to start this thread so that we have a place for our favorite viewers to chat, hang out, and interact with us! Is there something you think we could improve with our stream? Let us know here! Have any ideas for a stream you’d love to see? You’ve come to the right place! We welcome your feedback and hope we can use it to create an even better viewing experience for our favorite Wooters.

If you haven’t caught one of our streams yet, you can do so at twitch.tv/wootdotcom. We try to announce all our streams via Woot social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Can’t wait to see the memes and shenanigans you all come up with!



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Penguin stream is best stream



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Everyone, head over to the Twitch Stream right now for some gaming and some deals! twitch.tv/wootdotcom

Chat isn’t working. Jeff is sad.


Where is the deal?

I know, some guy named Ninja and Pewdiepie are teaming up in that Fortnight game and now Twitch broke. Lol.

That sold out fast. Did they only have 2?

Great woot broke twitch again

probably using the same servers.

It does say still chatting.

No time to hang out.

What was the deal?

What’s a PewDiePie, and why did it come up as a suggestion on Gboard?

It was a Novelty jar of 8 gig USB drivers for 45$

That is a streamer who I don’t enjoy Qazxswe.



chats not working for me

Chat IS working now :slight_smile:

still not for me? I’m seeing the chat but cant type