Woot USB Flashing Police Lights

lol, nice! Screaming monkey next? Woot off over?

Whooooooo, Woot lights!

rut roh.

teh end?

NO! i want the regular colored ones!

Throw in a shirt again and I’m there…

uh oh

red n blue lights…

time to sleep a bit now. Be back later :3

What’s the guarantee that these lights actually work?

as a police dispatcher these just seem to too awesome! but, I got regular ones in the April Fools adventure… do I really need these!!! darn


Gotted one, despite have 2 sets of the regular ones. I’m a sucker…

You get these and I’ll send you the ones I got on the April fools thing! lol

Did i miss the bag of crap?! You’re kidding me!!!

I get enough of the REAL ones flashing behind my car…don’t need, don’t want…

I have a set of these and the regular yellow strobe lights. They work fine but I have yet to find a practical use for them.

I was wondering the same thing

lol lol lol lol laugh out loud!!!

Was already listening to Sting & The Police on MP3 when these came on… Cool! But I already have about a dozen sets of lights…

Now if only I had some Bee Oh Cee music…

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da