Woot USB Flashing Police Lights

got a pair of these in my BOC and they lasted 5 minutes. Sorry guys, I’m putting my money in Monkeys

My iphone car charger has a usb port, I am so getting these to put on my car dashboard.


From the Department of Redundancy Department. Flashing lights used to sell flashing lights.

Sigh…too early to end the woot off…although, i do not have a red and blue set of lights…

OOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I want Police Monkeys! :frowning:

Woot-off killer!

Alas, the end is nigh.

ZOMFG in the car, legal! NOT! Legal! Not! Cite one state’s law, cite another’s… Wait a minute, why do that when we can talk out of our @$$es?

There, that should cover it. Good Woot-off. What did I buy? Um, your warehouse is getting ripped off! (runs)

Do you know how fast YOU had to go to catch me?

Baby of the Cosmos and Red & Blue WOOT lights… I say SUCCESS!!!

And so ends another woot-off.
No monkeys? Why no monkeys? I need more monkeys. Don’t make me buy them on eBay.

dammit i want my monkeys

It’s not over 'til the Woot Monkey screams.

Already got the REAL wootoff lights… might as well get this pair so I can drive in the diamond lane and skip traffic… nah I’d never do that… >.>

This seems to have been a very quick 2-day woot-off. And I once again missed my chance at the bag of cr****ap. Oh well. I wonder how the item total compares with other recent 2-day woot-offs?

These are awesome…I’m contemplating putn them on top of my car and chasing down a couple friends…but worried about how much trouble I’ll get in if I get caught by the REAL police.

These are not flashing Woot lights… those lights are yellow. These, for some unknown reason, are flashing red and blue lights.

Come on Woot. Get it together. Get your Woot memes straight.

Ah. I am complete.

Three. One set for each computer.

I have these. But in yellow.
should consider getting new ones…but led Flashing lights without the spinning rotator are all the craze nowdays…