woot.. VIP???


I want to buy a TV that was offered on January… someone posted that there are still available via the woot VIP page… how do you join VIP section of woot… i want this tv bad now… anyone knows??


There was no special need to join or do anything beyond click that link and proceed. The link seems to have been intentionally deactivated OR is simply broken. Dunno which…

Try an e-mail to service, explaining the vip link no longer allows the 61" order to be placed. I’ll ask staff, but response time on the weekend is iffy.

edited to add link that no longer works: http://www.woot.com/special.aspx?k=VIP-TV


thanks for the info… i’m new to woot…


Anytime. The links for communication can be found in the “Write Us” link at the top of the page. For a funny overview of the website, read the “What is Woot” link, which also links you to the woot Wiki entry. It’s not the boilerplate FAQ, hehe.


YOo HOo…I think we know why the VIP link was down…so, did you get the TV w/ the Random Crap bonus?



I remember seeing a link where you could buy the big InFocus TV anytime, but I thought I’d never use it, so I didn’t save it. Well, fortunes change, and now I’m condisering it. Can someone please post the link? TIA


The link, http://www.woot.com/special.aspx?k=VIP-TV, stopped working when the tv was last offered, with a side order of Random Crap on March 6th.


That’s cool and all, but where’s the VIP link to that big TV? I’m thinking about ordering one now…