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electric oval roasters, and other items for the holidays

Thank you kindly.

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power washers, wheelbarrows, snow shovels, snow blowers, windbreaker jackets, more tall (30 in. +/-) coated metal planters like Ollie, Vegega, Vego, Birdies…, insulated bags for grocery shopping, catnip, dog houses (like igloo)


Hi there. This is available.

Extreme Fit Men’s Adjustable Double-Compression Waist-Slimming Workout Back Support Belt- XL/2X Black

popped corn…caramel corn, kettle corn, cheesy corn…
freeze-dried corn, peas, blueberries, strawberries, bananas… (not dried or dehydrated please)
family board games and challenging/attractive/interesting puzzles
fall outdoor games like badminton, croquet, horseshoes
rakes all kinds of rakes
space heaters, room heaters (please not refurbished)
electric blankets
Can you do cases of canned goods or dry goods? It’s donation time of year for holidays and stuffing food pantries. I’m thinking maybe corn, green beans, other beans, soups, mac n cheese, peanut butter, complete pancake mix, tuna… that kind of thing…you know, monkey magic!


You did say all kinds lol


Sorry @WootyMcWootfaceWasHere did not mean to reply. Meant to start new comment.

Silicone Screaming Chicken Bookmark Page Markers Cute Books

iPower FlagPole Kit

Whitmor Rattique Java Set of 3 Pieces Set

Cliganic Organic Argan Oil 4oz: 3 Pack

Bella Rapid 7 Capacity Electric Egg Cooker

Two-Way Locking Gate Latch

Sun Joe 25’ Pressure Washer Hose for SPX Series

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I guess I missed all this stuff, and just seen this post

What about some cheap throw rugs? I see you do have some area rugs, however these are a bit high.

I like need some that I don’t mind throwing away after a month or so! What about those ones on the mothership, that are shaggy polester?

Fire 10 2019, 9th Generation tempered glass protectors and covers.

Bliss Hammocks BHS-417 Hammock Stand w/Hooks

Amazon Commercial Heavy Duty Black Poly Tarps

Sun Joe 24V iON+Cordless Turbine Leaf Blower Kit

Nutella B-Ready Wafers 32 Count

Jimmy Choo EDP Spray Testers 3.3oz (W)

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Single serve coffee makers like the bella one that was sold 7/13/23


Cover for Kindle Paperwhite 2015 (7th Gen)


Wet/dry shop vacs, anything to clean gutters, leaf shredder or mulcher. Thanks!


SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lights or lamps


How about some stainless steel stock pots, 8-16 qt? not aluminum (tomatoes and acid-based plants pit alum.)


Oh, you want some options?

HOLMES 42" Digital Tower Fan

Can we get a Forum list display mode that omits items with 0 Forum comments?

Bliss Outdoors BSL-320 10" Tall 8-Pack, Solar Disc Powered LED Pathway Lights

Bliss Hammocks (6-Pack) Bliss Outdoors BSL-318 Solar Powered LED Pathway Lights

Anywhere LED Motion Light | 2-Pack

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