Woot, we vote with our dollars.


Am I surprised the poker game Two for Tuesday sold out? A little. Am I going to be logged in tomorrow morning to see what’s next with baited breath? You betcha! It’s the never ending curiousity of what’s next that keeps us coming back. It’s the thrill of a deal that only you can offer, Woot, that drives our fanatical devotion. (The brilliant item descriptions don’t hurt either). But we do vote with our dollars, that’s how we give you our love. So long as we keep buying, you’ll keep selling and that’s as it should be. Keep us guessing but give us real value and we’ll keep buying, now and forever.


// sits in stunned silence


Wow! Talk about sucking up! How classic.


From the title of this thread, I thought it was something that had to do with Washington lobbyists.


Hmmm. Seems I missed the refurbished crack pipe.


Now wait Thaed has a point here …now lets see … ohhh never mind


You had to be quick, it sold out in ten minutes.


Hmmm . . . I would vote more often, but I haven’t liked the recent candidates enough to elect them to my purchase list . . .


//sets fire to lobby.