Woot website weally making me angwy!

So within the last 2 days Woot has done something to their website that is annoying beyond description. I click an area to goo a-wooting and a new page pops up. Anything from antivirus, to a survey guaranteeing I won some item from Woot. Explain yourselves people!!! this sucks to say the least and my morning coffee with a nice toasted Woot muffin have begun to give me heartburn. It’s as if ads have taken over the site. Not cool. My business may be going elsewhere.

I haven’t run across this problem, and I visit woot daily… have you tried running a program like Malware Bytes on your machine to see if you have some kind of Malware popping things up…? Or maybe I’m just lucky that I haven’t started getting the pop ups yet? :slight_smile:

edit: Malware Bytes has a 14 day free trial

You should do a malware check. We don’t allow pop-ups on our site.


What pop-up?

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