Woot why won't you remember me?


Every since yesterday Woot won’t remember my login. Anyone else having this problem?



Obob was having terrible problems if he’s still around. Someone else was, too, but I can’t remember who.


Or worse…


Poor ob, did you really have to try 65 thousand names before it let you log on. You went from obob, to obob2 , to obob65,000 something. I think everyone had trouble yesterday, I know I did.


I think woot is still having those problems. I just had to sign on again. Lucky for me I have one of the handy programs that remembers all your passwords (you just have to remember your main password).


yeah, man! i keep having to log in like every 15 minutes! i leave for a few, and Bam! “Hi, are you new?”


yepper… me too!!

nice, Woot…


I skipped *a few * in between.


same thing for me…I thought it was my laptop, so I deleted the cookies, still no go …then when I got to work it was the same thing…


At least I am not the only one. Good to know. I thought Woot hated me.


hey me toooo. i thought it was because i was using 2 different browsers


Seems things have been just a bit out of whack since…


Must have been that “refurbished” server upgrade.