Woot Wish List - Woot workers, look here!


Every night I see quite a few posts from people who wish for cheaper items, geekier items, girlier items, you name it. So I thought it would be good to post what actual items we are looking for in one thread. And hopefully the purchasing dept will find what we want!
Of course, if see something that someone wants, and it is available at a good price somewhere online, you can PM that person - or let 'em know on this thread.

I’ll start off by saying I want a rugged paper shredder. Something that doesn’t choke on 5 pieces of paper if one gets folded in half. What I want is going for over $150 on sale, so please price this under $100.


Panasonic BH-941P 0.75 Quart Ice Cream Maker
For 24.99 or better.

…and BTW, costco probably has your shredder. I got my Fellowes DM-C there at least ten years ago. The current model DM8C looks slightly improved, for $80.


Anyone have any idea how often this has been tried?

But keep it going, mj, maybe they’ll listen.


Why, are you looking for woot to offer any particular item??? :wink:


I’m so used to saying knives, I was going to say it just out of habit. But I’ve about decided that since I’ve narrowed it down to only a certain few types of knives I want, there isn’t much chance of them coming up. Unless they do one at a time which would be really great.


obob, based on your suggestion, I looked to see if there was a Costco anywhere near me, and LO! there are 2 within 100 miles. But shopping in a brick and mortar store this time of year is Yucky, and who wants to drive 75 miles for a shredder? So hopefully woot will come up with something better than what I can find at Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning (when the parking lot is emptier.).


OK, I’ll add to my list. I’d like Shun knives at a very good price.


Whoa! Would have to be a good price. I really don’t want to remortgage my house. Obob would like those.


Dear wootgods,
Please give Poof her knives.
Thank you


I want a Bathroom Monkey!




Well, back to things that would not break animal abuse laws, I would like to see a chld’s xylophone for under $15. One of the “shameless” copycat sites is selling 1 for $20 tonight, and is only allowing 1 per customer.


How about a trunk monkey?


A trunk monkey would be good too :slight_smile: