Woot won't accept my Chase bank Visa card?


I am unable to purchase anything from Woot now. This is the only site that does not accept my bank’s Visa card. I was able to purchase fine in the past, using a mastercard bank card on the previous version of the site, but since I have been unable to complete a purchase. This only occurs on the Woot site, as I have made purchases with many other online companies, using the same card. This is a Chase bank card, and I live in Dallas, Texas. I have more than enough funds available, so that can not be the problem either.

Does Woot not accept orders from Texas anymore?


Get with it! Texas has been annexed by Canada!


Does Woot ship to Texas then?


I know in the past, there was also a taxsucks code for Texas residents to enter, to recieve $5 off your order. This was to help balance out having to pay taxes on the purchase. I’ve noticed this is gone as well. Does anyone know if Woot still accepts orders from their home state?


Woot has seceded from Texas and established themselves as an independant Republic.
All stand for the Woot National Anthem, please.


They do ship to Texas. I think the taxsucks code was for orders >$40, so when I bought something for $30, no dice. Oddly enough, though Woot headquarters is only a few miles away, my package shipped from Connecticut.


The response I received from Woot was basically that I would remain Wootless, unless I got another credit card. I have an epassporte account that provides me with a “virtual” credit card for online purchases, but it is “virtually” useless. Since they reside outside the US, many online businesses won’t accept them. Woot is one of those businesses. This sucks.

I would love to hear from someone else who has a Chase Bank card, to hear if they have experienced the same thing.


You used it in the past for orders here, on 2.0? I know it sounds silly, but did you enter you billing info EXACTLY as it appears on your statement…down to the "."s? A couple of people posted similar issues about previously, accepted ccards being denied. You could try creating a new account? Dunno, will mention it…


I have a Chase bank visa/debit card. It works fine here. I last purchased the Linksys cards. Recheck your card number, expiration, etc.


Thanks. Just checked w/ husband. He said he uses a chase visa credit/debit and had no issues w/ a recent purchase.