Woot Woof Box - 3 Sizes

Can I get a Woot Woof?

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Woot Woof Box - 3 Sizes
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1/2/2015 - $14.99 (Woot Plus)

Oh man, who let the dogs out? Ha! :slight_smile:

Comments from a previous sale

Ordered two last time around. I was disappointed to see the same contents in each box. It was worth it, but not when I got doubles. How many Hawaiian dog collars does one need?

Thanks for the link woncoolone.

I really want to get three of these, but I am concerned that the treats may have been made in China. Chinese made treats have been making dogs very ill and have resulted in death to some dogs. Can anyone tell me where they were made?

[MOD: Made in the USA]

We’re telling you exactly what you’re getting in the box. Every box will be the same. No mystery here.

I lost my dog to chicken jerky treats from China. Believe me when I say that I’ve talked to our pet buyer quite a bit about this. She is VERY careful about what she buys. I trust her.


and Their site

PS: We moved our “Made in the USA” info up in the features so it’s more noticeable.

What size should I get for a puppy that is 10lbs now, but will be 50lbs+? Thinking 1 small and 1 medium will do for now.

I got 2 of these last time they were on here and my dogs really liked the stuff in them. I did notice they were made in the USA or I wouldn’t have purchased! Pretty decent deal, I may get more today!

Thanks so much for confirming that these are made in the USA! We’re very careful about the treats we give our dogs.

Anyone have an ingredients list on this stuff?

I have the same concerns, although I have been informed that even though it may be packaged “made in the USA” they still may be using product sourced from china. It is important to determine that all ingredients are USA sourced.

Per the features on the Smokehouse strips:

100% made in the U.S.A. with U.S.-grown pork
USDA-inspected meat

If you want more info, you may want to contact the company directly.

Their contact info is on the bottom of their web page.

I’m sorry for your loss.

The chews have mixed reviews on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-indigo-Fresh-Floss-Medium/dp/B00DLQWSCI That said, I am going to get a box anyway, because my dogs have never had trouble with similar chews (like Zukes z-bones).

I bought an Indigo box for my 4 Maltese to share for Christmas. I was very disappointed. Three of my four dogs looked like the only jerky I gave them got stuck in their throat. I think it’s because they’re very tough to chew, so at some point they tried to go ahead and swallow it, but they barely got it down. It was scary and I haven’t given them any more. I’ll probably throw them away or give them to someone who has a larger dog. And, yes, I got the small size. The purple barbell shaped thing is too large for them to be interested in it as just a chew, and while it’s supposed to randomly release treats, the package didn’t provide any of the right type of treats (nuggets) to put in it. Very poor. I haven’t given them any of the floss bones yet.

Thanks woot , I am in for 2